1. Where do I find contact information for missionaries and missionary personnel?
Call World Missions (800.345.7492) and our office will be happy to give you the information you need.

2. Who arranges missionary services for a missionary?
Services are arranged by the missionary. Missions representatives, field directors, and the assistant director provide support and information as needed. Services arranged by the missionary are to be reported to the field representative liaison and the assistant director.

3. Who supervises the fundraising work of the field representatives?
The assistant director.

4. What is the procedure for reporting a missions service?
A report form is available from the the main office (423.478.7198). The completed form, faith promises, and cash offerings should be given to the receipting secretary.

5. Our church would like to send a short-term missions group overseas. With whom do we speak?
Contact Dr. Bob McCall (423.478.7193). He will assist you in contacting the field director for the area you wish to visit. The field director will then help you communicate with national leaders and missionaries.

6. Where do we send donations?
Donations may be mailed to Church of God World Missions, PO Box 8016, Cleveland, TN 37320-8016. Make all checks and money orders payable to Church of God World Missions with reference to project or missionary number. For online donations, click here.

7. How do I secure publications on missions or information about national leaders and/or missionaries?
Contact the supervisor of correspondence (800.535.9343).

8. Whom do I contact for information concerning flags for a missions service?
Contact Danny Johnson (800.345.7492).

9. Who can tell me if we have missionaries or churches in a particular country?
Contact donor relations (800.535.9343).

10. Where do I send information for the missions website or publications?
Send all information to info@enteracts.com.

11. How do I get information about an overseas school or training program?
Contact the education assistant (423.478.7077) or check out the education section of the site.

12. I am interested in becoming a missionary. What should I do?
This information can be found on our website, or by calling 423.478.7118.

13. How do I find a video on a country/missionary?
Many videos are available to be viewed and downloaded on Vimeo. If you do not find what you need, contact info@enteracts.com or 423.478.7187.

14. Whom do I contact if I have a question about a donation or faith promise?
Donor Relations (423.478.7183).

15. Does World Missions issue receipts for tax deductions?
Yes. Once the donation has been processed, an official receipt will be sent to the donor for tax purposes.

16. What is a national worker?
A national worker is a local pastor, Bible school teacher, student, or evangelist who works among their native people. He or she is approved for World Missions financial assistance by the national overseer and field director.

17. How big does my church have to be for a missionary to come and visit?
Missionaries are willing to visit any size church.

18. Can I give through my local church?
Yes. You may give your donations through the local church, earmarked for the project or missionary you wish to support. The church will keep a record of your giving and a receipt can be obtained from them.

19. Can I give directly through World Missions?
Yes. You may send your donation online, by phone 800.535.9343, or by mail. Individuals who donate directly through the World Missions office will receive a tax receipt. Credit can be given to the local church as well if that information is provided.

20. How can I support a project or missionary?
You may view their page on this site, or contact our office (800.535.9343).

21. How is Missions money spent?
100% of missions donations go directly to the desired project.